In 2007, the Microbrasserie du Lac-St Jean proudly established itself in St-Gédéon, near the Lac St-Jean lake, its beaches and the Véloroute des Bleuets Looped Circuit.


  • Our values

    What do we strive for at the
    Microbrasserie du Lac St-Jean?

    Our goal is to take the best brewing traditions and make them grow in the reality of our beautiful region.


    The Microbrasserie du Lac St-Jean always aims for wholesome and sustainable means of production. Its objective is to find ingredients that are as natural as possible, to market our products with both the tasting experience and responsible consumption in mind, and finally, to participate to local development while staying ecological. True to these values, the Microbrasserie du Lac St-Jean continues each day, fueled by passion, enthusiasm and savoir-faire, to offer its customers the best beer there is!

  • Local Ties

    The beers from the Microbrasserie du Lac St-Jean are prepared in accordance with local ingredients and their infinite brewing possibilities. As a reminder to the people tasting our products, we have given them evocative names: Gros Mollet, Vire-Capot and others. They bear witness to the unique flavor of the stories found in our part of the country and to our local ties.

The owners

  • Marc Gagnon

  • Annie St-Hilaire

  • Charles Gagnon

The different career paths of the three founders of the Microbrasserie du Lac St-Jean were meant to lead them to the creation of a microbrewery. Being three beer enthusiasts with work experience in restauration, vinification and service, Marc Gagnon, Annie St-Hilaire and Charles Gagnon posess a strong knowledge of the brewing world, as well as its techniques and trends. Two instances of internship in Belgium with twenty different brewers, four years of homebrewing and three years spent hosting a tasting club can confirm their interest in beer-making. Over the years, travelling abroad helped them realize the untapped potential of the ingredients that grew naturally in the region, while giving them a fresh outlook at the age-old art of brewing. After years of hard work, the Microbrasserie du Lac St-Jean first opened its doors on August 1st, 2007.