Boutefeu : Let it blow!
No need to light the fuse : our red ale will knock you over! Its roasted taste, red hue and sturdy head of foam make this beer an instant classic.
Gros Mollet meets Lumber Jack.
When Gros Mollet meets his friend Jack Daniel's, great things happen. The fullness of this beer's caramel malts, with hints of vanilla and bourbon are plainly unforgettable.
Gros Mollet takes root in the village.
With its brown head of foam, its caramel malt flavour and its strong cereal backbone, this beer is both powerful and delicate.
Tante Tricotante knitted something special.
Our tripel is really something out of the ordinary. For his brew, Tante Tricotante knitted together an impressive head of foam with alsacian hops to create a beer that is both silky and smooth.
Tante tricotante in her chardonnay colour.

When it has the opportunity to age in European casks, our tripel ends up wearing a pleasant acidity, an uncharacteristic sweetness, and an elegant fruity finish.

Vire-Capot adapts to suit every taste.

Just like the local politician after whom this beer is named, this beer will sway you.  You will soon root for its taste of hop flowers and clover honey.

Frappabord strikes hard.

In Frappabord’s honour, here is a formidable barley wine: a strong beer with an intense bitterness and a maple syrup and barley sugar finish… enough to knock anybody out!

Long live Houblon libre!

Matured in American oak casks, our Black IPA is a force to be reckoned with. This beer combines eleven different hop varities with notes of moka and roasted malt. Long live Houblon libre !

Coup Franc shoots and scores.

This bright lager stars powerful Slovene hops.  In the middle of summer, its dry finish will win against thirst every time.

Cache-à-épices is unbrewlievable.

In the great wilderness of Lac-Saint-Jean, the gatherers find unbrewlievable spices. Our brown beer brewed with sweet gale seeds and peppery green alder is a national treasure.

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